Things to know

 Our guest duties

Living near the Baltic Sea, like the sea, has the right to rustle alongside;

Right to hot water, heat in winter and roof overhead;

The right to be unique, happy, loved and cared for;

The right to love and not to love, optional;

The right not to do or do anything at all;

The right to send Pavilosta postcard with the guest’s street mark.

Our guest responsibilities

Relax from daily routines;

Smothering power, pleasure and well-being provided by the guest house and Pavilosta;

Smile to yourself and for the world 😀

For guests to know
Check-in at the gues house is from 14:00-22:00 or in agreement with hosts;

Departure from the guest house is by 12:00 or in agreement with hosts;

Guests are welcome to use the courtyard, garden furniture, sheds and barbecue; We invite you to use the beach towels available in the hall;

We suggest not touching the orange cat Otiņš – looks nice, but do not trust it.

Otiņš loves to walk along the roof and fall into the roof window if it is not locked;

The second orange cat – Podziņš, is young and inexperienced.

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